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As performers, we have strong and powerful voices that empower those who have been or feel silenced. Getting to share those stories, and bringing them to life is important to me, and I take pride in using my time in the spotlight to share them. Everybody has a voice, and my goal is to help others use their voices by telling these stories, and I hope my work can tell the stories that have yet to be told.


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May 2022
Critic Reviews

"Of course, the audience couldn't forget Harry, played by Amarissa Salama, who created a new perspective of Harry Potter. Instead of Harry being selfless and caring, Harry is shown as a braggart and a show-off. Salama took on the role with confidence, shown throughout the show with excessive gestures and an upbeat tone. From beginning to end, the audience could not deny that there was a certain "Ron-mance" between Harry and Ron!" - 

"Amarissa Salama played Harry's character with a modern touch that showed their skillful comedic choices and understanding of pop culture."

Awards and Accolades

NCA Cappies Nomination - Best Ensemble for Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic (2021-2022)
Advanced to regionals at VHSL One Act Competition for Superheros; With Great Power Comes Ordinary Responsibility (2021)
Competed in VHSL One Act Competition with Paper or Plastic? (2022)
Blue Ridge Cappies Nomination - Best Musical for The Addams Family


INSTAGRAM - @amarissasalama

TIKTOK - @amarissa.salama

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